Oh hi, friend!

We’re Garrett Galvan and Nina Ragusa, thanks for stopping by our California travel blog!

Nina and Garrett in California

We are PNW-obsessed… No, seriously, like we can’t stop exploring it!

We are both world travelers and usually keep our travels abroad, however, year after year, the PNW reels us back in with another list of epic adventures that we are dying to check out.

California is for Adventure is an amazing resource for those visiting California wanting real and valuable advice from REAL people. We are adventurers and creators, so what better way to mix our two favorite things?

We thought it was such a cool idea we created multiple blogs for our favorite states!

Washington is for Adventure
Oregon is for Adventure
California is for Adventure

Meet Lucy

If you’re wondering how we get around the PNW and do all this exploring, our trusty girl Lucy gets us around! She’s a 1974 VW Bus with a Riviera pop top and is just a gem. We are lucky to have her!

VW Van at sunset on the California Coast
Meet Lucy!

Thanks for joining our journey! Cheers!