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Pacifica’s Taco Bell—The Coolest Taco Bell in the World?!

What is happening? Why am I writing about Taco Bell? Well, aside from the fact that it’s my favorite fast-food restaurant, there’s actually a really cool Taco Bell in Pacifica, California you should know about. Yes… Really!

On the sandy shores of Pacifica, just a stone’s throw from the bustling streets of San Francisco, lies a Taco Bell unlike any other.

This isn’t your typical fast-food joint; it’s a beachfront paradise that serves up those familiar tacos and burritos with a side of breathtaking ocean views.

It’s a must-visit spot if you’re driving between San Francisco and Half Moon Bay.


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Pacifica Taco Bell

What sets this Taco Bell apart is its incredible location. Positioned directly on the beach (like really RIGHT on the beach), it offers diners the rare opportunity to enjoy their meals while listening to the waves and watching surfers shred it on the Pacific Ocean.

Wooden Taco Bell store entrance and car park with a small palm tree on an overcast day.
The entrance to the Taco Bell.

The architecture complements its beachy backdrop perfectly with a laid-back, surf-themed decor and a wooden exterior.

And if you’re coming straight from the sand, there’s even a walk-up window, making it easy to grab a bite without leaving the beach.

Surfer with a blue surfboard standing on Pacifica Beach looking at the waves in an overcast day.
The Taco Bell backs onto Pacifica Beach.

It’s often touted as the world’s most scenic Taco Bell, and once you get here, you’ll know why!

Things to Do Nearby…?

OK, so, like… Is there something else to do here? What if I don’t like tacos (what is wrong with you!?)

This Taco Bell is right on Pacifica State Beach, so after downing some tacos, you can go for a long walk on the beach to work it off.

If you prefer, you can bring your board and go for a surf, too, although I recommend tacos AFTER your surf session.

A surfer walking along Pacifica State Beach with a backdrop of houses.
Surfer walking along Pacifica Beach.

There’s also the Rockaway Trail, which starts pretty much right at the Taco Bell.

Heading up north? Check out some of the best hikes in San Francisco.

A tourist at the Battery Spencer viewpoint looking out over the Golden Gate bridge.
Battery Spencer is a great hike in San Francisco!

Heading south? You’ll want to stop by and do the Devil’s Slide trail and then hang out at Half Moon Bay. There are tons of things to do at Half Moon Bay, plus tons of great Half Moon Bay beaches.

We hope you enjoy this weird and fun Taco Bell in Pacifica as much as we did!

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