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Hedge Creek Falls in Dunsmuir

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If you’re up for chasing waterfalls around Mount Shasta, Hedge Creek Falls near Dunsmuir should be on your itinerary.

This waterfall is stunning, but there are a few things to know before you go!

Getting to Hedge Creek Falls

Hedge Creek Falls is conveniently located less than 10 minutes south of Mount Shasta, and getting there is straightforward.

Exit Interstate 5 at Siskiyou Avenue. As you head towards Dunsmuir, keep an eye out for the trailhead sign. The parking area is relatively small and tends to fill up on weekends, so plan accordingly.

The Hiking Trail

Distance: 0.6 miles
Trail Type: Out & Back
Difficulty: Moderate
Elevation Gain: 160 feet

Other important notes:

  • Dogs are allowed
  • There is no fee for this trail
The trail inside the cave behind Hedge Creek Falls.
The trail leads you under the waterfall!

The trail leading to Hedge Creek Falls is perfect for beginners and families. As you wander along, you’ll be surrounded by the beauty of the forest and a bubbling creek.

The short trail leads you downhill, all while under a canopy of trees.

Hedge Creek Falls

Standing 35 feet tall, Hedge Creek Falls plunges into a rocky crystal-clear pool.

What sets it apart is the opportunity to walk behind the waterfall, providing an up-close and personal experience, along with a bit of a misting, which is great on a sunny day.

View of Hedge Creek Falls from the front.
Hedge Creek Falls

You can enjoy the view from the front or take the extra few steps to walk behind it.

However, do note that the rocks and the surrounding area will be wet and slippery. Take care of your belongings and avoid bringing anything you wouldn’t want to get a bit wet.

The Best Times to Visit

To witness Hedge Creek Falls at its most impressive, plan your visit during spring or early summer when the snowmelt fills the creek, resulting in a powerful cascade.

Alternatively, visiting during the quieter fall or winter months can offer its own charm and fewer crowds, although the flow won’t be as strong.

Hedge Creek Falls trickling during fall.
Only a trickle if you head there during fall or winter.

Keep in mind that during particularly dry months, such as the fall, the water flow might be reduced to a trickle, so it’s important to manage your expectations. I visited in the fall, and there wasn’t much happening, but it was still nice to visit anyway.

However, if you’re fortunate, you can return to see it in all its glory during a different season, as I did on another visit!

Where to Next?

You’re right near Mount Shasta! Check out the best things to do in Mount Shasta and more hikes around Mount Shasta.

If you’re continuing to head south, there are plenty of things to do in Redding, and a great point in between is Castle Crags State Park.

Huge hole in Pluto's Cave.
Huge hole in Pluto’s Cave

If you’re heading north, don’t miss out on Plutos Cave and even Klamath Falls in Oregon isn’t too far either.

We hope this helped you plan your trip to Hedge Creek Falls!

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